The Diplomatic House

Welcome to The Diplomatic House.

A Member Society with an innovative vision, aimed at diplomats in Belgium.

By applying for a privileged and free of charge Diplomatic House membership, you will choose for innovation: a totally new vision on diplomatic duty free services that were not available … until now! Only members of Embassies, Consulates, Diplomatic Missions, NATO, … are entitled to apply for a Diplomatic House membership. Feel free to register and find out about all the privileges.



As a respected member of The Diplomatic House, you will gain access to an on-line store containing the widest duty-free range of products available. In combination with our fascinating prices, as well as the various administrative and logistic facilities offered, a Diplomatic House member will get Total Value. We do not claim to be the best or the biggest, but we surely are the most innovative. Let us surprise you! Registration takes only 1 minute.