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Privacy Policy

The Diplomatic House is a registered trademark of Sunny Europe N.V./S.A.

The website is owned by Sunny Europe NV, with registered office at B-2030 Antwerp (Belgium), Scheurweg 11, with company number 0423.284.838. Sunny Europe NV is, with regard to personal data collected through this website, to be considered the 'party responsible for the processing' and 'processing party', as defined in the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992.


We respect each registering visitor's right to personal privacy


The registering visitor acknowledges that his/her personal data are collected and processed by Sunny Europe NV for the purposes as mentioned in this privacy policy. Registration is mandatory before access to the further website can be obtained and happens by means of an electronic form available on the website. The registration process can only be completed in a valid way after explicit acceptance of this privacy policy.


The personal data that are collected by Sunny Europe NV will be processed exclusively in accordance with the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of the privacy towards the processing of personal data. Sunny Europe NV will, specifically, use the collected personal data only for the following purposes:


-        the treatment of orders

-        improvement of the service and content of the website

-        informing the registered visitors of potential side-effects of the website as well as informing them about the activities and/or special offers of Sunny Europe.



All messages that may be sent to multiple registered users, will be drafted in such a way that the addressee only becomes aware of its own data, without being able to notice or obtain the data of other users.


The data of the registered user are preserved for a period of 2 years starting from the date of registration or the date of the last purchase, whichever comes latest. The registered user has, within this period of time, at all times the right to have any of its incorrect personal data changed, without any cost.